La WFA prend position pour la diversité et l’inclusion dans la publicité : “This is a once in a generation moment to confront racial intolerance and brands can play an important role.”

A la lumière des protestations qui émaillent actuellement les Etats-Unis et le monde entier à la suite de la mort de George Floyd tué lors de son interpellation par la police de Minneapolis, la Fédération mondiale des annonceurs (WFA) prend position contre le racisme et l’intolérance.
Cette déclaration s’inscrit dans la droite ligne des travaux menés par la Task force Diversity and inclusion créée il y a quelques mois par la WFA et pilotée par Belinda Smith, ex-Marketing lead d’EA et Jerry Daykin, Senior Media Director EMEA de GSK.
Cette task force a publié en mai un guide intitué A new marketers approach to diversity ad inclusion qui fournit aux directions marketing et à leurs agences des informations et des recommandations directement applicables pour améliorer leur prise en compte de cet enjeu critique dans leurs activités.

WFA Statement
The protests in the US and all around the world at the abhorrent police killing of George Floyd are a stark reminder that racism should never be acceptable in a civilised society.
It feels like we are at a watershed moment - exacerbated by the heavy and disproportionate toll that Covid-19 has had on ethnic minorities.

We should welcome this long overdue opportunity to course correct and create a more equitable and tolerant society. 

We know that brands can be a force for good and that consumers expect them to help create a better world. Many brands have shown their solidarity and have matched their words with action.

And as marketers, we can make a real difference. It is incumbent upon us to lead the way and embrace the society we want to live in – open, inclusive and tolerant – by building teams and creating campaigns that reflect diversity in all its facets and richness.
These events have given the work of the WFA’s new Diversity & Inclusion taskforce a new urgency. This group is determined to help brands play an authentic and meaningful role in moving society to a better place. 

At the start of Pride month, we should remember the long journey that society has made in terms of its attitudes to LGBTQ communities. Many brands have been a positive part of that journey.

Confronting racism and intolerance in its many guises is one of our generation’s great challenges. I call on all brands to stand up and be counted so that as a society we can make real progress.

Stephan Loerke